Warehouse Management

The storing and warehousing functionality includes all the requisite features to manage receipting and storage of product inventory providing for excellent control on the inventory received. All the features of storing and warehousing are available at every location where inventory is retained, including distribution centre, warehouse (including bonded), and store.

Key features include:

  • All fields are barcode enabled
  • Create own barcodes according to setup rules, including weight based and price embedded
  • Inventory counts
  • Serial, batch number, and expiry date tracking
  • Introduction period tracking
  • Accurate knowledge of inventory status at store, branch and regional levels and the ability to initiate Inter-Branch Transfers, Bin Moves and stock adjustments
  • Distinguishing between stock on hand and stock on order when analysing the availability of stock
  • Consignment stock held internally or by representatives
  • Unit of measure conversion
  • Real-time or near real-time stock in transit control between branches
  • Inbound and outbound process tracking of all documents related to the movement of inventory


Inventory Receiving

Axle Inventory Control provides for inventory receipting based on single or consolidated purchase orders.

Key features include:

  • Real-time batch receipting
  • Record of all delivery details
  • Entry of BoE and comments
  • Receipting to multiple/split bins
  • Multiple bin distribution
  • Pack, bundle receipting
  • Forex conversion
  • FIFO, LIFO, Ave. weighted costing
  • Multi ad-hoc supplier costs
  • Landed unit costing
  • Serial number entry (batch or single)
  • Automatic order allocation
  • Automatic liability creation
  • Supplier invoice entry