Range Planning


Replenishment Planning

Optimizing inventory levels at stores and distribution centres are necessary for removing excess costs from the customer-driven value chain. To invest more effectivelythe inventory dollars, customers must be able to blend both the art and science of buying and inventory management. Axle replenishment planning helps retailers increase revenue and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by sustaining this balance. By providing accurate visibility into the warehouse, Axle helps buyers to create accurate, forecasted demand and order projections as well as stable order patterns.

Axle replenishment planning is a true inventory management solution involving scientific and statistical evaluations of each of the numerous variables involved in making a buying decision. Customers gain far more than what a min/max or one-for-one system could ever offer. Instead, Axle weighs SKU- and store-specific factors such as demand, seasonality, order frequency, lead times, vendor minimums, vendor discounts, and service levels and then recommends the best action based on the most desired result – profitability.


Range Management

Axle Inventory Control includes powerful range management capabilities, which allow for product control by category. The customer is at the heart of range management. The range must provide the customer with the products they are looking for at the right price and be on the shelf when they want to buy them. Axle’s range management is fully integrated into all the Axle Inventory Control replenishment functions allowing branches that sell and generate the most profit to receive the priority inventory. Axle’s range management will provide an invaluable insight for enterprises requiring range controls across multiple companies, branches, regions, and brands.