Analytics and Reporting


Analytics and Reporting

Retailers, wholesalers, and distributors all have most of their capital tied up in inventory. Too much inventory impedes cash flow and reduces the opportunity to use those funds for a better moving product. Too little inventory can result in decreased sales and sub-par customer satisfaction. Many businesses rely on guesses when it comes to predicting what inventory they need and just hope for the best.

Axle Inventory Control analytics goes far beyond the standard solutions by reporting on a variety of cross sections related to inventory. The database design of the Axle solution enables a reporting model that is based on the data warehouse design principles, incorporating BI and other reporting tools. Axle also includes built-in reporting tool for those organisations with the in-house skill sets to create custom reports.

Axle Inventory Control analytics will not only help you determine the level of product required, but also balance the levels against the margins of each product to assist you in correctly ordering the quantities that will add the most to your bottom line. Axle Inventory Control analytics helps organisations make faster and better-informed decisions by providing them with real-time insights into business data. The result: increased productivity and maximization of your inventory investment.

Key features include:

  • Transaction-level view with multiple standard reports by variable
  • Sales and stock analysis
  • Multi-dimensional reporting (e.g., location, category, supplier)
  • Combined transaction and analytics data warehouse
  • Inventory ageing by location, supplier, category, and SKU
  • ABC analysis by top/worst turnover/quantity by location, supplier, category, and SKU
  • Margin analysis by location, supplier, category, and SKU
  • Year-over-year analysis by location, supplier, category, and SKU
  • Standard pre-conjured enquiry screens are included covering mostmetrics and KPIs that are required for retail-, wholesale-, and distribution-oriented organisations. Axle will further customise screens should requirements arise for industry-specific information.