What we are

Axle Inventory Control is an enterprise application software for organizations ranging from single-site proprietorships to multi-national corporations. Axle Inventory Control helps people and enterprises run their business processes more efficiently and effectively, providing insight into the business data. The solution achieves this by turning your data into meaningful information and empowering people with tools and methodologies to better manage and understand the world of doing their business.


What makes us Different?

We occupy the space on the borderline below which capital expenditure on large ERP systems is prohibitive or where systems are too cumbersome and complicated. And above the border line where legacy accounting software, supplemented by various spread-sheet type solutions, expose organizations to untenable financial and regulatory risks.

This is not to say that we are not able to compete in the space occupied by large ERP providers. We offer a more streamlined system, which is easier to implement and live with, and by an order of magnitude less expensive to maintain. What enables us to offer this to our customers is our innovative design practices that eliminate time-consuming interfaces among different business functions. Axle Inventory Control distinguishes itself with the speed and quality of information it delivers.

We are never complacent about our product and continuously innovate to offer an even more streamlined, user-friendly experience. We address a core need of business; the need to manage inventory through the entire product cycle, from A to Z.


Our key focus areas

Catalogue Management


Sales and Distribution

Range Management

Analytics and Reporting


Strategic Panning


Best Practices